Css Control adapters updated to Beta 3

Scott Guthrie Blogged on Saturday that the CSS Control adabters for Visual Studio 2005 have been updated to Beta 3.
This seems like a really quick refresh as I only installed Beta 2 last week.

If you haven’t heard of the CSS adapters yet, I encourage you to read Scott’s post and follow the links to learn more, download the toolkit and start playing with them.

The CSS adapters are very cool indeed.  They take advantage of new features built into Visual Studio 2005 and basically give you a very easy way to override the way that controls are rendered.  using a small amount of code and a .browsers file to hook up the extender and control you can force a standard ASP .Net control to render CSS friendly markup in non tabular format.

One cool application I have been playing with in line with this is to have multiple adapters built into your custom control set then by simply deploying a different .browser file onto your server you can cause an application to respond differently.  Of course this only carries any weight if you can override more than just simply the render method in the adapter, adding extra behavioural changes to your control.  I haven’t yet completed a successful test but I’m not giving up just yet.

I’ll keep you posted with the results if I have any success, meanwhile if you have used the CSS adapters I’d love to hear whether you’ve used it in a way that differs from the original purpose they were designed for.


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