2.0 Ajax Beta 2 released

Hot on the heels of Beta 1 Beta 2 has arrived. There’s been another  renaming of what was the value added pack, it’s now known as Ajax Futures.

There’s beena bit of confusion regarding exactly what you need to get if you want to use ASP.NET Ajax so here’s how I see it:

ASP.NET Ajax Beta 2 – this is the main Ajax code that will hook into Visual Studio and give you the ability to create an Ajax project from a template as well as the core tools in the toolbox.  Download this if you want to use the Server and client side ASP.NET Ajax functionality to build your site.

ASP.NET Ajax Control Toolkit – This is the core control toolkit, you may need to add these manually to the toolbox, these controls and extenders get you up and running very quickly with ASP.NET Ajax.

Microsoft Ajax Library Beta – This Library is the Client-Side only javascript library released by Microsoft. The general idea here is that it allows ASP.NET Ajax development on non windows systems but there’s no reason you can’t extend this to be non Visual Studio development as far as I can see.

ASP.NET 2.0 Ajax Futures November CTP – This adds some extra stuff to the Beta 2 and Control Toolkit.  Theres some stuff in here that was included in the original CTP’s (Community Technology Previews) but didn’t make it into the Beta either for compatibility reasons or simply due to time constraints.  the general Idea is that stuff will be gradually ported over to the Beta’s or final release eventually when it can be, without compromising the stability.

Sample Applications
– These prove invaluable when you are trying to figure out how to do something, worth having and churning through from time to time.

ASP.Net Ajax is worth a look so if you have the visual Studio Express or Full versions you can download and play with the ASP.NET parts otherwise take a look at the library it may prove useful.  Download ASP.NET Ajax here.


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