Zune – the hype begins… Have a Free Black Desktop for Windows on us…

Yup it’s almost here, the Zune peronal media device is soon to be released.  I have to admit I’ve largely ignored the lead up the the release and I was surprised today to see that the Zune includes Wireless Zune to Zune sharing  (not sure how the DRM (Digital Rights Management) copes with this), as well and a built in FM radio and a 3 inch LCD.

The looks of the Zune are not far off most Personal Media Devices out there, the screen and wheel are in the obvious places, which should make it easy enough to get to grips with.  I’ve not had my hands on one yet (happy to review it though if I get sent one ;0)  ), so I can’t tell you what the operational aspects are like.  Price-wise, it’s being advertised at $249.99 for an estimated retail price on the Zune site and that looks like it’s a 30GB version.

As part of the celebrations for the release Windows XP SP2 users can download a free theme for windows.  This is a signed Microsoft theme so there’s no need to worry about fiddling about patching important windows files to get it to work.  The best thing about the theme is that it is a very useable black theme, contrast between the screen elements is good and I have to say I am impressed, it’s worth the download.
Installation is simple, download the file, run it agree to the usual licensing and then choose the theme from the desktop options, couldn’t be simpler.

Isn’t it just typical though that Microsoft release a new theme for Windows XP, that is official and does not require a patch for the uxtheme.dll, right before they release a new OS…

Picture of Zune Theme on Windows XP


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