Coffee Update

I realise I haven’t included a caffeine rating since my first post, the whole reason for calling this CaffeinCode is because like most developers I have more coffee than blood flowing through my veins and I can get through more lines of code when I have a coffee in my hand ;0)

The reason for no ratings lately is all due to a massive disaster… I ran out of beans :00 normally this would just result in a trip to the local Starbucks and/or Wittards to replenish the supplies…  But those of you that know me know I’ve just moved to North Staffordshire.  This move has been good on so many fronts but there is always a downside, and the downside here is the lack of a Starbucks and Wittards in the vicinity.  Rumor has it that a Starbucks is due to open in Knutsford where I work, this will lessen the blow slightly if and when it happens.

Well the good news is that I did manage to raid the local Wittards on a trip to Milton Keynes recently so stocks are in place at the moment.  Currently I am enjoying a fine mug of Colombian, which was the coffee of the month in the MK Wittards.  It’s a dark roast with a fine aroma and gives off a nice nutty taste with toffee lingering in the mouth afterwards.  Go on admit it you are impressed with that description ;0)

Caffeine index: 9/10 what a buzz!!!  note to self: might need to dial back the amount you put in the hopper next time! 80)


One Response to “Coffee Update”

  1. Then there is those of us who sit up all night in #osdev drastically writing kernel code who have more alcohol than blood in our veins. A cousin of the caffeinated coder.

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