Vista launch day!

Well the day has finally arrived. Microsoft’s shiny new OS is released to business users today. (Those of you with MSDN accounts have been able to download it for a couple of weeks of course). Everyone else should be able to get it in the new year.
It will be interesting to see just how the new shiny OS is taken up by businesses, I suspect that only those who skipped XP Pro and will bother as the cost of ensuring the hardware platform is up to scratch will be a major burden for some.
Is it worth saving up for vista if your a home user? Difficult to answer, personally I am going to wait. There are two motivations for this:
1. My Windows XP installation is running just fine, all my applications work, all my drivers work, and I get great performance despite the age of my processor and motherboard. (if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!)
2. I can’t afford the price tag.

Let me expand on my second point:
The license for Vista itself is apparently not going to be more than the cost of XP so expect an upgrade to cost you at least £70+. Unfortunately this is not the end of it. Vista has a nice feature built in that will either give you bragging rights amongst your peers or will force you to ensure the P.C. is tucked away in a dark corner covered by an immovable object whenever they visit. What the hell can produce this kind of response? Vista has a nice scorecard facility built in that tells you just what kind of experience you will get. This is basically a numeric value applied to each key piece of hardware, the final score is simply the lowest common denominator.
This isn’t all bad I suppose because you can at least target your upgrades so that you replace the worst piece of hardware first. But it is a constant reminder of your poor performance, if indeed your hardware isn’t quite up to it.

There are options in Vista to turn off some of the whizz bang shiny glassy stuff so you can claw back some of that performance, turning off Aero will drop the visual look and feel but will increase the responsiveness of the user interface on some systems.

My feeling is that if you are going to be looking at a new P.C. for Christmas or in the January sales then buy wisely, you’ll be getting Vista free with these new systems anyhow so they should be up to the job, but do be prepared, just because a system is Vista ready does not mean it will get you a high score on the scorecard.

It’s not all bad, Vista does look good and does have many improvements including better security… For me though, I’m holding off… For Now ;0)


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