Coffee Supplier secured…

It’s silly isn’t it?
Of course it is! you know I’m right.

When you are desparate to find something, you’ll not find it, despite it being right under your nose.
If you have read any of the other posts in the blog you’ll know that I am a major fan off the bean, Coffee mostly but Jelly Beans do reside on my desk at home :0).

You will also know that I have been trying to source a decent web based bean supplier for a while now as I have move to North Staffordshire in the UK and there’s no whittards store nearby. I found this out through a combination of looking for a store in the shopping centres in the area as well as visiting the whittard’s website.
What I failed to do was to pay any decent attention to the website, as there’s the option to order coffee (and anything else) through their online shop. DOH!

It should have been the first place I looked and I do feel pretty dumb. But that feeling will soon wear off as the top quality caffeine makes its way through the system ;0) Orders over £100 include free delivery. £5.99 gets you next day delivery and you can add the usual points to your Whittards loyalty card if you have one. If you don’t have one you’ll need to visit a store to get one.

In other news I’m happy to report that from January 1st I will officially be a Business Objects employee. The company I work for (ALG Software) was recently bought by Business Objects so we’ve had a rount od contract negotiations and the bosses have been trying t map the future of the product development. Apart from a 24 hour period when it looked like I would not have a job due to a lack of product in my area of expertise, I’vebeen really excited about the changes as we have a great opportunity ahead.


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