Firebug is burning…

Web development has always been a tricky area, there’s always something that you need to work around. With the release of Firefox 1.5 and the recent 2.0 I’ve noticed more and more developers paying attention to Firefox and even using it as their main development target platform.

One thing that Firefox has struggled with is debugging. Until recently debugging in Firefox was a bit of a clunky affair, but both Aptana and Firebug have stepped into the breach and have updated to enable world class debugging in Firefox.

Aptana has debugging included from Milestone 7 and the additions are being improved regularly. Debugging is achieved through a Firefox plug-in and currently is not available for IE. Visit the Aptana screencast vault for more detailed information. This is particularly nice though as you get a fantastic development environment that improves your JavaScript development immensely plus the ability to properly debug through Firefox.

Firebug has always bee the cornerstone of debugging in Firefox, but there was always something missing. Not to say it was ever bad… Quite the opposite. Shorthly after I started using Firebug for the first time to debug websites, some folks brought out the IE DOM Explorer. Firebug has gone through quite a transformation with the release of the public Beta 1.

Like the IE DOM Explorer you can easily view the elements on a page, you can inspect the elements viewing the style and DOM, there is also a really nice feature that I like a lot which gives you a visual guide to the layout of a page. This guide shows you the margins padding, margin etc… of each nested element. CSS can be edited on the fly inside the Firebug UI as can the HTML.
You can easily view the JavaScript and monitor network activity.

My personal opinion is that Firebug is the best debugging tool available today and it’s free!!! I heartily recommend you donate if you decide to use it, keeping this tool alive can only help in making the web better.

Firebug… Possibly the best Debugging tool available?


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