Craythur Web OS

Reading the Ajaxian blog this morning I found a post that introduces Craythur. Craythur is a web OS of sorts built using Javascript. It incorporates, Prototype and the Prototype Window libraries (more on this in another post).

Once the site has loaded you get an immediate wow factor, partly due to the fantastic wallpaper and partly due to the cool glassy effect on the login dialog.

Logging in is simple as the user and password for the demo are provided. After logging in you are presented with a desktop complete with icons that can be dragged and dropped on the page. Double clicking the icons opens a window that can be rolled-up or maximised and vice-versa.

The effect is impressive. Craythur shows what can be achieved by cleverly combining some of the excellend JavaScript libraries available for free with some design sense and a great idea.

I think Craythur will sit nicely along with pageflakes et al as a decent web startpage.


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