mezzoblue redesign a real hit.

You may be aware of the mezzoblue website by Dave Shea, especially if you are serious about web design. There’s not much Dave doesn’t know about CSS and putting together world class designs. I bought a copy of his book The Zen of CSS Design a while back and I’m so glad I did.

The book acompanies the Zen Garden website which is a showcase for what can be achieved with CSS and delves into the designs and shows how they are achieved, aimed as an inspirational guide to encourage us all to think differently and achieve more.

The redesign of mezzoblue continues this inspiration, you’ll get more by reading Dave’s post announcing the redesign and I encourage you to use Firefox or IE 7 to get the full benefit as IE6 spoils the party as usual. (due to it’s quirks and not bad design I hasten to add.)

In short, Dave has taken inspiration from the way magazines are put together. Colour schemes are centered around a picture and he’s put together a neat way of archiving posts too. The upshot is a functional design that is almost living in that colours will change over time as the image changes.

I am inspired and I’m certain after a few minutes on Dave’s site you will be too.


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