Costa v Starbucks

In an attempt to ensure I maintain a decent Caffeine related presence on this blog I’ve decided I’ll include a Caffeine induced posting every Friday.

This week I’m going to kick the whole thing off by joining in the debate of Costa vs Starbucks.

My personal standpoint is that Starbucks is by far the better coffee lovers coffee shop, the reasons for this are pretty straightforward.

  • Starbucks have a better choice of coffee on offer
  • Starbucks staff know a lot about coffee

In addressing my first point:
I went into the local Costa store that opened here the other day and if you order a coffee then you have no choice in the coffee you get, it’s Costa coffee (self roasted) or Costa coffee. Now, this approach is fine if you are just looking for a coffee and don’t want too much by way of choice. If however, like me, you prefer a bit of variety and like to try coffee from around the world, challenge the tastebuds and discover something new then Starbucks is the place.

They always have two different filtered coffee on, one is usually the default Fair trade coffee which is very nice. Then of course there is their mix of the usual cappuccino, mocha etc…

I particularly enjoy the seasonal choices which I must also say are better than Costa. A 4 shot Egg Nogg Laté is my tipple of choice in the season of goodwill, Costa’s Spiced Gingerbread Laté I’ve not yet mastered, even with 4 shots it seems too weak.

One thing I have noticed about Costa, and this is a big improvement, is that they seem to have stopped cremating the beans and have improved the roasting.

Starbucks do appear to have a good training program in place for their staff too, next time you visit a store look for the barista with the black apron, those are the coffee experts. It’s their job to know about the coffee, if there is a new one in store they should know what it tastes like and can recommend one to suit you. I admit I don’t know about Costa’s policy but I can’t imagine that it’s anywhere near as good as there’s only one coffee, hell they probably know it well though ;0)

For me it has to be Starbucks hands down simply because of the Community spirit in the stores I visit & the choice of coffee from around the world. They fit with my adventurous side, I always buy the guest coffee and coffee of the month from Whittards, I always try the new ale in the local pub and look out for new stuff in the supermarkets, and I always try the different coffee at Starbucks.


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