My First Gotcha!

As You know I’ve just bitten the bullet and have installed Visual Studio 2005 SP1 Release version. Not being completely stupid I decided to use a VMWare session to check it out first.
Glad I did.

Once the SP1 install had finished, a painful process taking way more than an hour, I fired it up to build a simple Hello World with a label and a button in ASP.Net. All went well until I ran the project and Visual Studio dissapeared up it’s own binary equivalent ass. So round 2 try again. OK all seemed fine, project ran, click button, hello world yay!

No try something a bit more complicated, whip up a quick custom controll.

Right Click solution node in solution explorer… erm… where the frack is my solution node!
Took a bit of digging before I realised the damned check-box in the application preferences was unchecked. Solution nodes were no longer always showing. Damn!

Still… once I raved a bit and then dug around in the bowels of the property box, all was back to normal…

Just makes me wonder what’s next.


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