Two Days to go!!!

Two more days until the first UK screening of The Hogfather Yay!!
I’m a geek and a Pratchett fan and proud of it. If you have never read a Pratchett book you are missing out, if you read one and didn’t like it you are wiered.

I’m not going to give the plot away, just simply say that it’s a great story and well worth the watching. I saw the making of the other day and it looks like they got the whole look and feel nailed. Pratchett himself has a cameo part and spent time on set so I guess it got his buy in and there was a hint that there may be more to come.

Sky 1 Sunday & Monday at 8 , if you have digital with the magic red button, it’s on the new multi start service so you can start in 1/2 hour intervals up to 11pm I think. no doubt will give you more details.

For a bit of fun here’s some great quotes for you from the book.

Also planning on going to watch Eragon tomorrow as a surprise for the missus. The Books are awesome the movie looks great, I’ll report back after the movie to let you know if it is as good as it looks.


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