RE: Merry DRM-mas

Dave Shea blogged today about his interesting experience buying a DVD set for someone for Christmas.
His experience highlights one of the possible gotcha’s surrounding the whole debacle of Digital Rights [Mis-]Management. When companies start to put the frighteners on normal law abiding upright citizens, then the whole thing goes wrong.

Here’s a snip from Daves post, read the rest here:

HBO recently produced a fantastic series of historical fiction called Rome, the first season of which is currently out on DVD. I grabbed a box off the shelf with the intention of buying it as a present, and nearly choked on the $90 CDN price tag for 12 episodes. But hey, it’s Christmas, and what better time of year to over-spend on a loved one?

This DVD is copy protected and may be played only on licensed devices.

Then I made a nasty little discovery….

[Via Dave Shea’s mezzoblue]


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