Adobe Apollo

I’m hearing more and more about Adobe Apollo lately. The concept is web applications on a desktop outside the browser chrome.
Apollo should give us a bridge between the web and the desktop, and allow web developers to use their existing skills and language sets to build rich internet applications than can be installed and run on a windows desktop.

I like it, I like the idea and most of all I like the proposed freedom of not being tied to one technology for either tier of my applications.

It will be interesting if this may bring an end to the development headache of browser compatibility when developing large enterprise applications where the support requirement is as broad as my current project.

There is a load of information on this in the Adobe Labs Apollo site and this presentation really gives a good introduction to Apollo. Obviously Adobe technologies like Flex and Flash are mentioned a lot and take center stage as technologies of choice but support will be provided for Javascript HTML and AJAX too.

Ajaxian also have a few posts covering Apollo, the latest post has a nice demo vid by one of the Adobe Developers.


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