More Info on Visual Studio 2005 SP1

First of all a Happy new year to you. I hope that you enjoyed the Christmas break (if you were lucky enough to get one) and that Santa brought you loads of presents (if that forms part of your celebrations).

I managed to somehow avoid contact with a computer for the whole Christmas period, which meant that I got a break but als that I didn’t achieve a single one of my goals for the holidays… ah well, I’m sure I have a lot of fun ahead catching up.

One post I found interesting when going through the blog backlog in RSS Bandit today was an excellent post from Scott Guthrie in which he offers up some excellent links to information regarding Visual Studio SP1, I encourage you to check out this post if you are considering SP1 or are having any particular issues. If you are still undecided about SP1 and want to know what benefit you coiuld get from it then this is one of the best (and probably only) resources for detailed information available on the web.

As usual Scott is up front and informative.

In  you were out the second half of December, you might have missed some of the VS 2005 Service Pack 1 posts that I’ve previously made:

Below are a few more recent links and blurbs of information about VS 2005 SP1 that you might also find useful:

[Via ScottGu’s Blog]


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