Template Cache issues in Visual Studio 2005 after SP1

If you have installed SP1 for your visual Studio installation, you may find that some project templates are no longer available to you.There is a known issue that was reported during the Beta Phase of VS2005 SP1 but it looks like it was not fixed. I had hoped that the SP1 update would automatically refresh the template cache as part of it’s post update clean up. Ho Hum.

To correct the issue you’ll need to re-create the project template cache as follows:

Open Visual Studio 2005 Command Prompt and type devenv.exe /InstallVSTemplates, and hit Enter. This will create the template cache for you.


  • Check you actually need to run this, if you cant see ASP.Net Web Application as a project template when the Visual C# nodeis selected then its likely your template cache is screwed.
  • Make sure Visual Studio is closed before you run the command prompt.
  • Wait a minute or so after the command prompt shows it’s completed (new cursor position), there is still stuff going on in the background.

Thanks to Guru Stop (ASP.NET Guy Blog) for putting up this issue during the SP1 Testing phase.


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