Corking Game!

I’m not sure whether to be excited or ashamed, this game hs been around for years and yet I’ve only just found out about it.  Corx is one of those superb simple yet effective concepts.  Think Pass the pigs with Corks and you are getting warmer.

The designers of the game have a pretty good site chock full of information on the game, unfortunately there’s no stock in the shop at the moment which is a real bummer Firebox does have some sets for sale though and you can get some on Ebay too.  at around £5 for a pair of Corx, this is one cheap, fun and adictive game.  Sushi playing boards are out here though an extensive search this evening left me empty handed 😦  the Grand master board looks cool too and these fantastic items just add to the whole gameplay.

I’m joining the party late but I’m joining the party 🙂  Visit the Corx homepage for more info.

Corx Boy


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