Found some new Coffee…

I found another online shop for buying coffee and they stock some different coffee’s to the usual stocks found at Whittard.

Great name for a coffee seller, Roast and Post 🙂 Their site is functional and easy to navigate and their prices are very reasonable too.  Top that with free, yes free delivery and I recon you are on to a winner.  I placed my first order today, so I’ll report back on the full experience once the beans arrive.  The purchasing was clean and simple though with no hiccups at all and I’m using IE 7 which can sometimes cause a site to freak out.

They have quite a range of coffee’s on offer, and for my first order I chose three from the Origin coffee range.

Guatemalan Huehuetenango

Grown at 3,500 – 6,500 feet in the Central Cordillera. The calcareous soil and high humidity combine to produce a top quality coffee. This is a fragrant coffee, very aromatic with good body and acidity.

Mexican Medium Roast

From the Chiapas region on the Guatemala border this coffee has been processed to a very high quality and produces a soft acidity with a full body.

Celebes Kalossi Toraja

Grown on the Rante Karua mountain range in S.W. Sulawesi. Although the plantation was planted 100 years ago, it was lost to the jungle and rediscovered in 1986. The trees were replanted and the cultivation was developed for 5 years to produce the unique, smooth taste of this coffee. The beans are hand picked and sun dried. The coffee produces a heavy smooth liquor and a rich flavour.

I didn’t apply any real science to choosing these coffee’s, I started with a coffee from Guatemala, simply because I have had a few different ones from Guatemala and have liked them all very much indeed.  This is a new one so it’s a pretty safe option for me. 
Then I’ve always wanted to visit Mexico, I plan a trip with my wife in a couple of years, so a Mexican coffee was too good to pass up, especially since I have never heard of Mexican coffee before.
I chose my third coffee firstly on the name and then because of the story behind the plantation, it’s a milder roast that I would normally choose being only a 2 compared to the 4 of the darker Guatemala bean.  But it comes in at 9 for flavour and sounds too good to miss.

Because I bought 3 bags I got a 10% discount and my total order came in at just under £30.  If you have ever bought 1500 grammes of coffee before I’m sure you will agree that for uncommon beans, that’s a pretty good price.

Oh! did I mention it was free postage 🙂

Of course I get nothing at all in return for recommending this supplier as I’m not affiliated at all, nor do I get a bigger discount, I just want to pass on a good supplier when I find one so that you can enjoy great coffee too.

Remember: Better Coffee is Better Code 😉

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