IE Developer Toolbar New Beta Available

Announced on the IE Blog this morning:

We’re happy to announce the availability of a new beta of the IE Developer Toolbar. Along with all the features available previously this release contains some new features to improve the usability and help web designers troubleshoot issues on their pages.

[Via IEBlog]

View the full article to get all the details but in short, there are a few UI updates including a new button to toggle the panel on and off. There’s a new ‘Style Tracer’ that allows you to pinpoint styles more effectively and a View Source option.

Looks like the tag team match between IE + DEv Toolbar & Firefox + Firebug is well and truly on. There is now a serious choice for developers and it makes developing for multiple browsers so much easier. Sure the IE Dev toolbar as been out for a while now and I’ve been using it right from the get go but there has always been something missing. The ‘Style Tracer’ is going to get a lot of use that’s for sure.

Vista Users should be aware that there is a known issue that requires you to log off and log on again for the toolbar to become functional but the IE team are apparently working to sort this out for a future update.

Download the Toolbar here, and remember to read the full article to get a better idea of the new features.


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