Roast & Post Coffee Update.

I promised that I would update you on the Roast and Post coffee order when it arrived… And so it has.

The folks over at the Roast & Post Coffee Co. have informed me that normal service has resumed after their troubles caused by the electrical storms over Christmas, so orders shouldn’t see any delay.

My first batch turned up yesterday via City Link courier and was roasted and packed on Wednesday. The coffee comes in plain silver bags, the plastic kind that you normally get beans in from the supermarket, with a roast & post label on the front that has all their coffees on and a box so the packer can put a check in the relevant box to show what was packed into it.

Two packs went straight into stasis while the Mexican medium roast beans were immediately packed into my airtight containers and a portion was brewed so I could give an honest assessment 🙂
The beans smell great, difficult to describe but you could most definitely smell the freshness. Ground to perfection to just under medium grind on a burr grinder, even more aroma escapes and already the caffeine receptors were getting a hit. This bean grinds to a pale brown almost tan colour, and has a very rich but not overpowering coffee aroma. I managed to guess the quantity perfectly for the first brew which is always a good sign. The brewed coffee gives off the perfect aroma for anyone selling a house 😉

This is a medium coffee so it’s not too overpowering, there’s an immediate burst of flavour when you take a sip, that gets the tastebuds tingling, I’m not all that good at the whole ‘suggestions of toffee with a buttercream undertow’ kind of thing so I’ll keep it simple. No bitter aftertaste, it leaves a clean pleasant flavour in the mouth after drinking that doesn’t get you reaching for a glass of water to wash it down.

For my tastes this is a sophisticated coffee and I much recommend it.

As far as the whole roast and post experience goes, I score it as:
Coffee Choice: 5
Order Process: 5
Speed of order: 5
Quality of Coffee on receipt: 5

(max available score = 5)

There is plenty of information about each coffee on the site, plenty of variety, and fair pricing. Free delivery is a bonus and I know no other company that will roast the beans to order and ship the same day so you get them the day after roasting.

Green beans can be ordered also and they have different varieties on offer, they also sell a home roasting machine with a 150g capacity for £135 – I am not that familiar with the equipment so can’t say if it’s a great value offer or not but it’s the cheapest home roaster I have ever seen and if the quality and level of expertise demonstrated by the company is anything to go by I would say it’s a sure bet that it is ‘fit for purpose’.

I think the only improvements would be to offer a guest coffee (once every 3 months maybe to make it viable maybe?) and to offer a loyalty scheme where regular customers can notch up points for a discount.

I heartily recommend them and look forward to ordering all my coffee from them in the future.

coffee of the day: Mexican medium roast. Caffeine index: 7/10 (plenty of flavour easy on the caffeine)


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