Chris Pirilo ~ I Spilled Coffee All Over My Computer!

I sympathize with Chris, I’ve lost many a keyboard through coffee related incidents thankfully my PC is high enough off the floor and far enough away from my desk (thank goodness for looooong cables) that I never have to worry about it coming in contact with unauthorized liquids. At least I hope not 😉

Snip here:

Ugh. This week is not off to a very good start. Then again, it’s almost halfway finished now. I was just exchanging instant messages with my dad (who just got broadband this afternoon) – getting ready to help him through a few software issues. To clear my mind, I needed caffeine – so I reached over to pick up my full mug of home-brewed Peet’s. My periphery vision is not what it used to be, apparently. KLACK! SPLOOSH!

[Via Chris Pirillo]

Read the rest here.


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