ASP.NET AJAX Hands-on Labs

Brad Abrams just posted about some cool Hands on Labs for ASP.Net Ajax:

I just noticed that Sascha posted a set of hands on labs for ASP.NET AJAX.  They look pretty goodŽ go check them out!

[Via Brad Abrams ]

These labs have been made available by Sascha p. Corti and is a great example of the community spirit so widely prevalent on the web today.

If you have never tried a hands-on lab before I can honestly say it’s a great way to get an insight into a technology. One of the hardest things I find when I’m trying to learn something new is to actually think up something to do with it.
I always do the bog standard Hello world but then doing anything else generally ends up in a mental block. The hands-on labs give you the opportunity to learn without having to think up something to do.

I guess, having been a developer for a good many years now, that I should have a set of default apps that I can write in a given language/produce with a given technology in order to ‘do something active’ with it. I don’t know why but I have never gotten round to it.

The link in Brad’s post above will get you to the Weblog, which has all the details for you. The manuals for the labs are currently only available in German or French which could be a bit of an issue.


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