Strange happenings with Links on this blog…

I wanted to put out a post to apologise to the firefox users who read my blog.  I too am a firefox user and am currently running Firefox 2.  Over the past few months i’ve been running this blog I have noticed a couple of strange things that appear to affect the Firefox browser only.

Firstly there are the missing images in the link panels on the right side of the blog —–>

Firefox users may only see the text links, a good advertisement for accessibility 😉  although i havea way to go before I can call this blog truly accessible.

The second thing is a recent development due to a free ugrade all WordPress users got in the new year.  Hovering over links on the page should produce a pop-up preview of the page I’ve linked to, unfortunately Firefox doesn’t seem to handle this well at all either.  The pop-up appears but it looks ugly and doesn’t show the preview.

I have a theory that I am going to try out when I get a chance to look at this properly in the next couple of days.  I think it has something to do with remote images maybe.

I’d be interested to hear if you have had any problems using firefox to view my blog and what issues, if any, that you have seen.

Thanks all!


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