Aptana updates now more informative…

When I blogged about the new Milestone 8 inclusions for Aptana the other day I hadn’t noticed that the Automatic update panel now gives a lot more information regarding the update. (maybe it did this before and I wasn’t paying attention?) for example build has 80 features added and 38 bugs fixed I am currently on build Scrolling down the Auto update window I get a categorised list of the bugs fixed in each area so I can easily see if an issue I am seeing is fixed. I like this form of updating as I can see clearly whether or not I want to take this build, what improvements I am getting and I generally feel much more comfortable about it.

I think Microsoft could learn from this, as well as many other big name brands. Often it feels like you have to squeeze blood from stone in order to see just what changes have been made to your system. Visual Studio 2005 SP1 is my case in point. It was only after much bugging and moaning that information slowly trickled through. I am very grateful to those who did release the information, but I recon we deserve to have it much sooner.

Hats off to the Aptana dev team this whole development process is great, you are a good example to us all.


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