Visual Studio Keyboard Shortcut Reference Posters

I love shortcuts, saving time when developing and keeping my hands on the keyboard anf off the mouse is such a timesaver. But try as I might I just can’t retain the hundreds of shortcuts available in Visual Studio, and that’s just the defaults.

Looks like my prayers have been answered, some dood has only gone and put up a reference poster – free!!!

From the Federal Developer Weblog:

We all love those shortcuts in Visual Studio. You know, those handy little programming keystrokes we have all become accustomed to built into the product for most of the functions normally found through the user interface – just like CTRL-C for copy. Just released today, the Visual Studio team has published freely downloadable posters that map out all of the default key bindings for the most popular Visual Studio 2005 languages – Visual Basic and Visual C# 2005. Feel free to download these high resolution posters in both color and grayscale formats and share your power-user knowledge.

Happy Coding!

– James

[Via Public Sector Developer Weblog]


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