Comparing WPF applications and XBAP – What’s the difference?

Nice comparison of the two different application types from the WPF wonderland blog:

Quick summary of the differences between XBAP and Standalone WPF applications.

Standalone WPF applications

  • Installed on users computer
  • Appear in Start Menu and Add/Remove Programs.
  • Installed via MSI or ClickOnce
  • Code Access Security
    • Run in Full Trust unless modified by Administrator
    • Capabilities within zone
      • Spawn children windows
      • Use WCF
      • Access registry
      • Read/write to file system
      • Any other full-trust task
  • Runs in its own standard OS window
  • Newer version may not be automatically installed on users computer
    • ClickOnce can automate this process
    • User may opt out of updates (use older version)
  • User can be offline and use application

XAML Browser Applications (XBAPs)

  • Not installed on the client’s computer
  • Do not appear in the in Start Menu or Add/Remove Programs.
  • Are automatically deployed via ClickOnce
    • YourApp.xbap is really a ClickOnce deployment manifest
  • Code Access Security
    • Run in Internet Zone (sandbox)
    • Security exception thrown if attempt made to access unauthorized areas
    • Capacities within zone
      • Isolated Storage
      • No calls to WCF allowed
      • Only tasks available in Internet zone
  • Additional security
    • WPF removes device driver privileges from the browsers process token
  • Hosted in browser process
  • Only run in IE browsers
  • WPF restrictions
    • Can use 99% of WPF features
    • Cannot use BitmapEffects
  • Newer version always installed
  • User must be online to use application
  • User must be able to see deployment webserver



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[Via WPF Wonderland]


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