Made a few changes…

I’ve made a couple of changes to the blog today, nothing big, perhaps the biggest change is that I have now disabled the Snap Preview facility so mousing over links will not give you a preview.  I havd a couple of friends go through the blog telling me what they didn’t like and the snap preview was the major dislike.

If I get enough call to put it back then I will but this does seem like a common move amongst bloggers so for now I’ll leave it off.

I changed the header and colour scheme a while back too and I haven’t seen a drop in readers so I’ll assume you are all either reading this through your own feed reader or you find the scheme acceptable.
The header image is one I took myself and then added a post processing blur to it using photoshop when I added the text also.  I hope it doesn’t look too bad, I know it isn’t shiny shiny like the rest of the web, maybe I’ll work on a nice shiny new version in the next couple of days.

Thanks to you all for reading my blog I really do appreciate it and I’ll try and maintain a usefull stream of info for ya.


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