Bizzare effects of Windows Media Player media sharing…

Something completely nuts happened today.  I got an interesting icon in the task tray, i clicked it to find out what they hey and i was presented with a Media player dialog asking if i wanted one of my colleagues to share my media library.  i decided what the hell and said fin Ok go ahead etc…

Later in the day I noticed that hibernating the laptop didn’t work anymore, i kept getting some wiered message saying that there were not enough system resources to create the API.  Whaaaa?

next I noticed spikes in the CPU usage. Huuuh?

then I notoced that the machine would periodically freeze for a few seconds then continue… each freeze corresponded with a CPU spike… hmm something nuts is going on… What did I change?  could it be the new memory I put into the laptop? The guys at work were ribbing me about my apparent disregard for static effects when i put the memory in (not entirely true, I was touching a metal plate the whole time and my shoes have an anti-static sole and I don’t wear nylon…), could I have fracked up my memory?

Things were not looking good.  they looked worse when I got home and found that the Laptop had spent the past 2 hours in my backpack – TURNED ON AND TOASTING!!!!   aaaagh! at this point I started to think I might be making another call to HP support something that puts the fear of God into me I can tell you (that’s a story for another day).

So with all these issues it’s a pretty good sign the hardware is screwed right?  wrong!  One other thing i changed recently… I told Windows Media Player 11  to allow my colleague to share my library… I turned it off and immediately my system returns to normal.  No freezes, no cpu spikes and after this post is up I’ll be checking on the hibernation too…

So my warning folks is to avoid sharing your library from Windows Media Player 11.


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