Follow up – Media player media sharing.

So after my last post I did a little more checking to see whether or not the hibernation problems I was having after I finally got Medial player to bug out and stop sharing my media library.

My first course of action was to simply hit the power button, which I have set to hibernate the laptop.  It started OK then before the laptop went into complete hibernation, it simply came back to full operation again… hmmm so something is not right.  My first guess was that the hiberation file has become corrupt at some point through the period that Media Player was sharing my files.

For the uninitiated:

Hibernating a P.C or Laptop is a process where the state of the machine is saved to a file usually found in the root of your drive, this allows you to power up the computer much quicker as it doesn’t need to reload all of the drivers etc…  The file is called hiberfile.sys and you won’t be able to see it unless you have the ability to view hidden system files.
To turn on hibernation you’ll need to enable it in the power options dialog which is accessed from the control panel.

So back to my issue, I decided to create a new hibernation file by disabling and re-enabling hibernation, this is achieved by unchecking the box found on the hibernation tab in the power options dialog.  Aha! a new problem shows itself for me… no hibernation tab… it’s gone, completely vanished!

I toyed with manually deleting the file, but without knowing the reason for hibernation options going AWOL I figured I’d play it cautious and simply go for a reboot.  After the machine had rebooted I checked the dialog again… relief the hibernation tab returned so i disabled and re-enabled the option got a fresh new hibernation file curiously bigger than the one before.  A quick check to ensure the other settings were OK and then test.

Thankfully, all is back to normal.

All this pain simply from allowing Media Player 11 to share my media Library… Won’t do that again!


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