Aptana catches fire!

I know that I have spent a lot of time writing about Aptana and almost as much time raving on about Firebug. Well now you’ll be happy to hear there will be almost a 50% reduction in posts on these apps.
Not because I have been put off or stopped using either app but simply because Aptana have announced that the latest nightly build of Milestone 8 has an embeded version of Firebug included.

Web development just got a king size caffeine rush.

I’ve yet to get a propper opportunity to play with the latest build but rest assured as soon as I do I’ll post my experience.

If you have missed any of my other posts on Aptana and are wondering what all the fuss is about, you can pop over to Aptana’s web site for more info and take a look at the excellent sister site that hosts Aptana.tv where you can view screencasts of Aptana in action.

Aptana will improve web development I am certain of it. There are many reasons I love Aptana and have chosen it as my tool of choice for developing my web applications. I’ll detail a few for you here.

  • ÂAptana is free
  • Aptana is lightweight – That is to say that it will not use up half your hard drive or take hours to download.
  • You can easily manage projects of various sizes using Aptana.
  • Starting a new project based on one of the many Ajax libraries available is easy and many of the most common libraries are included with Aptana so you need not go hunting for them.
  • You can add your own Ajax library or core library in easily so that your dev team can create a new project with all the right core files in it and get up and running much quicker.
  • Debugging is built in and is getting better – Now includes Firebug!
  • You can add ScriptDoc tags into your code and then get intellisense easily on your own libraries.
  • There’s a nice browserÂpreview feature so you can get a split pane view.
  • Aptana is free.

So, if you haven’t downloaded it yet and you develop Javascript you might want to give it the once over 🙂


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