Virtual PC 2007 available for download – Free

Although I am a daily user of VMWare at work and I do enjoy VMWare, Microsoft have recently released the final RTM version of their Virtual PC 2007 application. If you have never used VPC or VMWare you are probably not aware of the benefits of such an application. Basically think of it as a machine within a machine. These apps allow you to set up a whole environment with your choice of Operating System and software installed. This is achieved by creating a Virtual Computer environment within VPC and VMWare. The benefit for you would be that you could test an application within the virtual machine and if it goes wrong or crashed the installation, you can simply throw it away and start again without losing all your normal software because the virtual environment is isolated.

VPC 2007 is 30 MB download if you have Broadband that should not be an issue.

Find out more details here


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