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Playing Violin can be cool!

Posted in Ajax Links on March 29, 2007 by Shaun

I’m prety sure he’s available for weddings funerals and kid’s parties ;0)


Prototype Window js Library updated

Posted in Ajax Links on March 21, 2007 by Shaun

I know…Another update notice.

This time the Prototye Window library which allows you to create windows and dialogs with ease through JavaScript with some great effects.

Changes in this update include:

* Added: gridX and gridY constructor’s options to snap move and resize
* Added: Effect on modal overlay (fade/appear) only if effects.js in included.
You can change effect options (Windows.overlayShowEffectOptions and Windows.overlayHideEffectOptions).
* Fixed: Multimodal mode.
* Fixed: Works on WebKit.

* Beta: effects on minimize and maximize. You need to include window_effects.js to have them.
Check out samples/constraint.html from the distrib (also on samples page).

This really is a very nice library, built on Prototype of course. If you haven’t seen it before I encourage you to go check it out.

7 good reasons you’ll want to look at this:

* Valid HTML/XHTML generated code
* Resizable windows
* Minimize/Maximize
* Modal dialogs
* Visual effects
* Skinnable
* And more…

Dojo 0.4.2 released

Posted in Ajax Links on March 21, 2007 by Shaun

Looks like I must have lost a few feeds when I moved over to GreatNews and imported. I’ve a feeling I fell fould of the flat tree structure and thought that it had duplicated some stuff. This means I’m a bit behind on some updates.

The Dojo blog had a recent anouncement of the release of version 0.4.2:

Dojo 0.4.2
We’re happy to announce that Dojo 0.4.2 is available. We recommend that all 0.4.x users upgrade at their earliest convenience.

0.4.2 is a minor patch update to 0.4.1 and includes a tightly selected set of fixes for 0.4.1 issues. As a result, we anticipate that 0.4.2 will be a straightforward upgrade for existing 0.4.x users.

Getting 0.4.2 is simple (just follow the download link at the top of the page), but there some new goodies for advanced toolkit users:

Every release has it’s heroes, and for 0.4.2 I’d like to extend my personal thanks to James Burke for the amazing work he’s put into ensuring that the build system and cross-domain issues were 100% sorted out so that everything works. It’s a tremendous accomplishment that AOL considers 0.4.2 to be “prime time”, and we couldn’t have done it without James. 1.7.1 Beta 1

Posted in Ajax Links on March 21, 2007 by Shaun

I missed the launch date of this one (March 12th), 1.7.1 has gone into Beta and is available for download. this version has been updated to work with Prototype 1.5.1 It’s a bit ahead of 1.5.1_RC1 so I’m hoping that it’s OK with the RC2 release. to reduce risk or the bother of trying out various versions, just use the version that comes with

Other changes include:

  • Experimental sound support through new sound.js (‘blah.mp3))
  • Performance improvements to the Effects engine
  • Memory leak fixed in morph code for Firefox
  • New Failure option to Draggables and onDropped callback
  • More customization for in-place editing and nesting single nodes in the DOM builder

The ChangeLog as always has loads more detail

Upcoming Webcast – ASP.Net Ajax Control Toolkit

Posted in Web Development on March 21, 2007 by Shaun

There’s a nice schedule available on the Public Sector Developer Weblog of upcoming Webcasts for April 2007. Top of the list is Creating controls with the ASP.Net AJAX Control Toolkit. This should be an interesting webcast and I’d encourage you to attend if you can. Sign-up details and a schedule can be found on the Public Sector Developer Weblog

The webcast will run from 2pm through to 3:30pm EST so that will be 7pm through to 8:30pm in the UK I think.

IE6 Application compatibility VPC Image

Posted in Web Development on March 21, 2007 by Shaun

if you are running a system that has IE7 on it and you want to check compatibility for applications running under IE6 you’d have a bit of a problem. Microsoft have kindly helped us all out here by providing a VPC image with IE6 on it. The VPC contains a pre-activated Windows XP SP2 install with IE6 and the IE7 readiness kit.

The Image is Timebombed and will expire on 23/7/2007 or 07/23/2007 if you are on the other side of the pond.

Aptana reference documentation now online.

Posted in Web Development on March 21, 2007 by Shaun

The folks over at Aptana have released a set of reference guides for general consumption. The new Documentation site holds the Internal Aptana IDE documentation as well as the HTML, CSS and JavaScript documentation used for content assist.

Consume at your leisure from here.