Guthrie shoots Donut and other Ajax goodness.

Scott Guthrie has been a busy by lately but it seems he’s still got time for a bit of fragging in Halo ;0)  Check out Scotts latest blog for more clarification.  All I can say is that I need to find a way to convince my Boss that gaming == training :0)

Scott also informs us all that there is a new ASP.Net Ajax control toolkit and that there is some pretty interesting stuf in there.  Only a couple of new controls ths time but there’s a new Javascript comment / whitespace stripping MSBuild task that will produce more compact Javascript when you compile in release mode and the task can be used in any of your othr projects too.  frankly this should be the norm in any development that uses Javascript the smaller downloads can lead to some nice speed enhanceents for your site.

localization Support also makes an entry in this release so you can localize text in Javascript using the standard ASP.Net Ajax support for resource files.  Theme and skin support is also added this time round.  The new controls are ListSearch and SlideShow.

Scott goes into this all in a bit more detail on his blog and as a bonus you’ll find out about some cool free training Microsoft have made available.


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