Huey Review – Update

I posted a Huey review a few days ago, I also mentioned in another post that I had a few issues with my main home office P.C. and I’ll be updating on the situation on that too shortly.

For this update I’ll simply say that my office P.C. is back up and running again, faster, smoother and hopefully more stable than before.
The Huey is in place and I managed to calibrate my main moitor easily enough.  It’s been in for almost a week not and I have to say I’m even more impressed with the Huey than I was initially.

As I stated in the original review, setup f the Huey is simple and you have the option to leave the Huey plugged in and have it monitor the ambient light in the room, tweaking the colour profile accordingly while you work.  I tried it out in my office where I had the blinds closed and the light on (yes it was dark outside), I then turned the light off so the room was lit with the cool glow of the LCD. Within a minute (the time span I had set for the Huey to check), there was a flash of red as the LED’s on the front of the Huey flickered and the monitor was adjusted.  Very smart and simple.


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