Great Tip on improving your development

I’m a regular reader of J.D. Meier’s blog and always find some excellent posts that I find interesting.  There’s a couple of posts of late that have really piqued my interest and I’m defenitely going to apply the process to my life and get to improving my development.

J.D. simply blogged about a process he calls improvement sprints.  He spends 30 days focusing on one thing and tries to improve that as much as possible through the sprint.

Sprints are not new to me and some of you who have also been using SCRUM as a methodology in your workplace will be familiar with the concept too.  A sprint in it’s simplest form is the period set to accomplish a goal.  In this case the goal is to improve one aspect of your development.

There are two posts that I want to share with you on this.  His First, introduces the concept and his second expands on it a bit more giving us some great tips.

I’ll be reporting on my first sprint as soon as I decide what I’m going to focus on.

Thanks J.D.


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