Krugle updates.

The folks over at Krugle have been busy tweaking and updating the Krugle search tool.

If you have not caught the vibe on this yet, let me enlighten you.  Imagine that Google was dedicated to only searching for code, giving you fast results and the ability to search Code, Tech Pages and Projects on a specific subject and language of your choice.  That is Krugle (no relation to Google by the way).

I’ve blogged about Krugle before and am happy to report that Krugle has improved since then.

There is a new Beta plug-in for Eclipse, I wonder if I can encourage the folks at Aptana to add this into their stuff :0).  They have also added a whopping 6.5 + Million lines of code from Microsoft’s Shared and Open source libraries to the index.  If you are part of the Yahoo Developer Network, you’ll be happy to hear that they have partnered with YDN and you can take advantage of Krugle.

If you are wondering wether Krugle is a small fish in a big pond, well they have indexed over 1.5 Billion lines of code from 21 Million files in 67,367 projects and they are adding all the time.  Think early days of Google, Krugle is going to be huge.

Other highlights in this update are:

  • New corporate web site with a Feature Matrix section that’s worth a read.
  • A New Krugle this button that you can add to your browser toolbar to search for code references on a web page.

So it’s good to see Krugle improving all the time.  Remember to always give credit to those whose code you use and where possible don’t re-invent the wheel. ;0)


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