The Machine is Us/ing us…

J.D. Meier has put up another excelent thought provoking post, this time linking the the Video below.

The jist of it is that Web 2.0 (the name we have given to the latest ‘revolutionary’ changes to the Web.) means a lot of different things to many different people.

I can see that it is making the world a lod smaller, we are finding lost friends and relatives faster, information is being shared faster, in many cases as it happens and in many different formats too.  This blog itself is testament to the changing landscape of the web.  I like to think I am making a lot of new friends through the medium of my blog.  I know that I am learning more by sharing more and I’m reading more too.

Watch the video then spend a few moments thinking about what Web 2.0 means to you, how has your life changed in, say the past 12 months?



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