Thinking Putty

I’ve started a craze here at work and inadvertently I’ve also created a method of psychologically profiling my work mates.  The whole thing began on my birthday when I was gifted a tin of Scarab Blue Thinking putty.

Thinking putty is a fabulous substance perfectly suited to techies and geek’s of all ages, sizes and intellects.  You may remember silly putty from many a year ago… this is the same sort of stuff but in cool colours and with heat reactive and glow in the dark varieties available too.

This stuff is great, you can flatten it out then fold it in on itself then scrunch it into a ball to make popping noises like popping bubble wrap. you can stretch and mould it, shape it and even bounce it.  The damn thing is so addictive, treat it gently and it will literally melt in your hands, treat it rough and it becomes almost solid, hit it with a hammer ant it will shatter like ceramic.

The psychology comes by watching the ways that people play with their putty whilst concentrating on something else.  I’m a folder and popper :0)

Too Frickin’ Cool!

If you are in the USA you can stock up on Thinking putty from Crazy Aron (the site was down this morning but should be back soon) an alternative source is X-treme Geek.  In the UK your source would be Firebox


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