The battlefront isn’t in the game!

OK I admit I’ve been stupid, I hold my hands up and admit it, I’m a fool.  I bought a game without reading up on it in more detail.

In an attempt to surprise my nephew, whi is into all things Star Wars these days, I bought a copy of Starwars Battlefront and Battlefront II.  Battlefront works just as expected and on my home office rig it looks and sounds great, despite a flakey install process.  Battlefront II however is a whole differen’t story.

The game installed OK off the DVD but as soon as you try and actually play the game, select either training or skirmish or any of the menu options for that matter, the jolly game just freezes up and utilises 100% of the CPU.  I even left it while I had my tea and it was still running the CPU at 100%.  (not recommended unless you are completely confident in your cooling).  I uninstalled, re-installed, patched and swore all to no avail.

Expecting the usual trawl through crap I decided to visit the LucasArts forums and tech support to find a resolution.  What I found was a fine collection of people many of whom have never managed to play the game, many can only play it without sound, and many with Dual CPU/Core rigs have to manually force the game to run on a single CPU.

Like all P.C. Games this isn’t cheap but I feel very cheated, not only because the damn thing doesn’t work but also because on opening the package you can see that there is no manual included in the box, you have to read it off the DVD!  I’m all for saving the planet and cutting down on wasted paper but drop the cost when production costs drop please!

I can run FEAR, Battlefront, Republic Commando, Far Cry, Half Life 2 and a bunch of other high end games all at max settings without an issue but I can’t get Battlefront II to run at all.  I’m astounded that a company like LucasArts can get away with this to be honest.  If there were only one or two people affected I’d say it was bad luck, but this is a whole lot of people all with differen’t system configurations and from different parts of the world.  The company is just turning a blind eye to the whole thing though.  I’ve never known it before.

LucasArts did have a bit of an issue with the latest release of Lego Star Wars II though.  They managed to release a version that would not install on some Windows XP (home and pro) machines.  The users needed a separate patch just to install the game!

Very poor indeed.  I now need to try and find a way to get someone to give me a refund for what is looking like a very expensive coaster indeed.


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