Dojo 0.4.2 released

Looks like I must have lost a few feeds when I moved over to GreatNews and imported. I’ve a feeling I fell fould of the flat tree structure and thought that it had duplicated some stuff. This means I’m a bit behind on some updates.

The Dojo blog had a recent anouncement of the release of version 0.4.2:

Dojo 0.4.2
We’re happy to announce that Dojo 0.4.2 is available. We recommend that all 0.4.x users upgrade at their earliest convenience.

0.4.2 is a minor patch update to 0.4.1 and includes a tightly selected set of fixes for 0.4.1 issues. As a result, we anticipate that 0.4.2 will be a straightforward upgrade for existing 0.4.x users.

Getting 0.4.2 is simple (just follow the download link at the top of the page), but there some new goodies for advanced toolkit users:

Every release has it’s heroes, and for 0.4.2 I’d like to extend my personal thanks to James Burke for the amazing work he’s put into ensuring that the build system and cross-domain issues were 100% sorted out so that everything works. It’s a tremendous accomplishment that AOL considers 0.4.2 to be “prime time”, and we couldn’t have done it without James.


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