Prototype Window js Library updated

I know…Another update notice.

This time the Prototye Window library which allows you to create windows and dialogs with ease through JavaScript with some great effects.

Changes in this update include:

* Added: gridX and gridY constructor’s options to snap move and resize
* Added: Effect on modal overlay (fade/appear) only if effects.js in included.
You can change effect options (Windows.overlayShowEffectOptions and Windows.overlayHideEffectOptions).
* Fixed: Multimodal mode.
* Fixed: Works on WebKit.

* Beta: effects on minimize and maximize. You need to include window_effects.js to have them.
Check out samples/constraint.html from the distrib (also on samples page).

This really is a very nice library, built on Prototype of course. If you haven’t seen it before I encourage you to go check it out.

7 good reasons you’ll want to look at this:

* Valid HTML/XHTML generated code
* Resizable windows
* Minimize/Maximize
* Modal dialogs
* Visual effects
* Skinnable
* And more…


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