1.7.1 Beta 1

I missed the launch date of this one (March 12th), 1.7.1 has gone into Beta and is available for download. this version has been updated to work with Prototype 1.5.1 It’s a bit ahead of 1.5.1_RC1 so I’m hoping that it’s OK with the RC2 release. to reduce risk or the bother of trying out various versions, just use the version that comes with

Other changes include:

  • Experimental sound support through new sound.js (‘blah.mp3))
  • Performance improvements to the Effects engine
  • Memory leak fixed in morph code for Firefox
  • New Failure option to Draggables and onDropped callback
  • More customization for in-place editing and nesting single nodes in the DOM builder

The ChangeLog as always has loads more detail


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