Superb CSS & JavaScript menu sample with a sprinkling of Moo Tools.

Moo Tools as we all know, is another of the many JavaScript libraries available to the masses. It’s a lightweight and feature rich library that is free to download and use.

The Menu in question is written by Guillermo Rauch, a 16 year old Web developer living in Argentina. His Blog, devthought, is well worth a read and it’s good to see he’s using the very menu he’s written about in the blog. Proof that this guy is committed to producing quality stuff and not just pointless samples that can’t actually be applied in a real world scenario without a ton of work.

This article describes the building of a pretty nice menu using JavaScript and CSS. The techniques in the JavaScript and CSS are excellent and his writing style means you’ll get yer noggin round them in no time. Taking the sample code you should be able to enhance your knowledge further by working on your own Vertical menu and even add in some dropdowns or fly-out’s.

Even if you aren’t looking to build a menu you will want to read through the article and look at the nice ways Guillermo has gotten round the IE(


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