Visual Studio (Orcas) now at Beta 1

Microsoft have released the official Beta 1 of the next version of Visual Studio (codename Orcas). As usual the MSDN site has a ton of information and the download links. Channel 9 also have a video with Soma discussing Orcas and related stuff.

I’m looking forward to Orcas, I think it’s going to be the best .Net IDE they have produced yet. Whether it will be less buggy than 2003 and 2005 both were is yet to be seen but having Javascript and CSS intellisense will no doubt please many people. I especially like that they have added the capability to use the /// method of commenting like in C# to JavaScript allowing developers to add intellisense to their own JavaScript Libraries.

The Web Development UI has had a decent polish too making it far more useable.

Scott Guthrie has also posted on new features including Lambda Expressions and Query Syntax

The MSDN Downloads give you the option of an iso though that option appears to be available for MSDN subscribers only at the moment but you can get a VPC image in the same way the CTP images were released which is a better option as you’ll not screw up your machine with beta software ;0)


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