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I’ve had a few days holiday since I last posted and what with a deadline and a nasty cold just before it I’m afraid I have been a little light on updating the blog for a while. I figured the best way to catch up is to post an update on some of the common themes I’ve covered in the blog over the past few months.

The Prototype developers recently released v 1.5.1 of the Prototype JS library, they have also recently released a new DOM builder to aid in creating DOM nodes programatically.

If you have not picked up on the EXT vibe yet then I encourage you to get over to the EXT site and check it out. EXT is taking JavaScript libraries to a whole new level with some really nice functionality. Working with EXT is a dream, setting up rich web UI’s is a sinch.

Dojo 0.9 has reached Milestone 2 and if Dojo is your JS Library of choice then it’s looking good. We recently dropped Dojo in favour of EXT but only because we needed quick results and couldn’t afford to refactor after Dojo reaches 1.0. We are torn between EXT and Dojo, Dojo’s internationalization and accessibility functionality is a real draw and should be a serious contender for any serious developer.

The IE team have released the IE developer toolbar version 1.0 (release version). According to the team this is the final version, but as there are still bugs in it I hope they will release an update to address the issues. The site apparently has a Silverlight screencast on it, I’ve yet to meet anyone who’s managed to get it working.

Thinksharp has been updating regularly with some more JavaScript goodness for us all to chow down on.

Thanks to the Ajaxian blog I’ve found a neat JSON Editor that renders a tree so you can see your JSON clearly, handy little tool but don’t go throwing HUGE chunks of JSON at it, I tried a hierarchy with 100,000 items in it and gave up after a while :0)

I’ve nothing new on the coffee front at the moment, I’ve been a poor servant to the bean ;0) I shall be topping up my stocks with a fresh batch soon, had to take a break though as the caffeine was apparently starting to affect my health :0( still, a bit of a detox and a slightly reduced daily intake and I’ll be rocking again ;0)


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