Aptana reaches Milestone 8b

The Apatana development IDE has reached Milestone 8b and yesterday saw a pretty major update with loads of changes and fixes.

I’ve raved about Aptana before and I’ll keep raving about it as it really has raised the bar for JavaScript development IDE’s. I think even Microsoft will struggle to improve Visual Studio’s JavaScript handling to match Aptana.

Some of the nice touches in it’s latest version are IE AND Firefox preview tabs so you can develop your HTML pages and preview them there and then in the IDE. Nice to have Firefox available as an option for thet too. The colourization options have ungdergone a massive overhall so you can set Aptana up to colourize your code any way you like, and like Visual Studio 2005 you can export and import your settings so you only have to tweak once for home and you can import them at work.

There’s a bit of a buzz building up around a new IE debugger they are going to be adding in. I’m hoping to get on the testing team for that. Anything that can debug IE is welcome and if they add in any of the features that FireBug has in it then we are in for a treat.
I know that you can debug IE with Visual Studio and the IE script debugger tools but to be honest, if you don’t already own Visual Studio or have it at work, it’s a lot of money to fork out when Aptana is entirely free.

I have moved over to using the Eclipse IDE as my main development environment, mainly because almost all my development is in JavaScript at the moment but I shall be learning Java this year and Eclips handles it all. Aptana has been added to my Eclips installation as a plugin and it works superbly. I can extend Aptana and Eclipse myself if I see something is missing that I need and again they are all completely free. :0)

I hope to get a short article together that detils how to get the Firefox preview pane added to Aptana in the next day or so.


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