Adobe rename Apollo Aptana integrates it with IDE

Adobe have officially renamed Apollo to AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime), just as I was getting used to Apollo.  I guess it’s a marketing thing and we’ll all get used to it soon enough.

Not surprising, is the speed at which the Aptana team have integrated Adobe AIR into the Aptana IDE.  So long as you have the latest SDK from Adobe, you can update your existing Aptana IDE to the latest Milestone 8b release. Eclipse plugin users can get these benefits too by updating the Aptana plugin.

Once updated you may need to go get the Adobe AIR plugin to enable all the functionality.  It’s all reasonably simple to get up and running Visit the Aptana web site for full details on installing AIR and if you haven’t already been converted, you’ll get all the info on the Aptana IDE from there too.


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