New Old Kid on the block…

I’m sure you’ve already heard the news, a new player has entered the windows web browser game.  Apple have finally released a version of Safari that runs on Windows.  I have installed it on a Windows 2003 server and it runs nice.  In fact I am writing this very entry from my wordpress dashboard, loaded in Safari.As far as looks go, it looks like Safari, think iTunes and you are pretty much there.  Grey minimalist UI allows you to browse to web pages and performs really well.A quick test this morning using a performance intensive piece of code from some recent development we are doing at work, showed Safari to actually render faster than Firefox.I’m mildly impressed with this browser and now it’s available for us Windows users I’m hoping that it will allow us to improve our web development by being able to properly target and test IE, Firefox, Opera and Safari.  All I need to do now  is find some decent tools to allow me to debug Opera and Safari properly, any ideas?


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