getting Feisty with Linux

I’ve recently been bitten by the Linux bug.  A few of my co-workers are into Linux and watching them play with the new Ubuntu release (Feisty Fawn) got me interested in trying it out myself.  Initially I plumbed for the new Fedora 7 release in 64 bit but found the video and wireless drivers to be a bit too flakey.  Ubuntu was a bit easier to sort out so I’m sticking with that for now.  I’m stuck without a fully working wireless device on the laptop, but i can live without that for the time being.  the graphics are running nice though and I’ve even managed to get the 3D desktop effects working real smooth like.

A few things strike you when you start using Linux, first off it boots damn fast and is available for use immediately.  No waiting for services etc to load up in the background.

Second, it looks real nice out of the box, even when the drivers aren’t actually running properly.

Sure it takes a bit of getting used to after using Windows for so long but the distributions are getting friendlier and easier to install, and the amount of free software available for download via the included download managers is unbelievable.

I’ll keep the updates a rolling in as my experience with  Linux go on.


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