Ubuntu Linux on a HP Pavilion DV5157eu Laptop (DV5000 series)

Ok so it’s been a few weeks now since I started to seriously use Linux. I thought it would be good to post somedetails about the hardware I’m running it on so others can use this as a reference.

I currently have Ubuntu running on my laptop. the Laptop is a HP DV5157eu :
AMD Turion 64 ML-34 processor
2 Gig ram
ATI Radeon Xpress 200M graphics with 128Mb ram
10/100 Ethernet & 802.11x wireless (Broadcom)
Built in sound USB Firewire and a flash card reader.

The initial state of the machine after install was pretty much fully working. There were some graphics glitches which I fully expected as ATI cards are notoriously bad on Linux – not the fault of the OS but the fault of ATI as they don’t appear to be agressively pushing Linux support in the same way as Nvidia. I needed to use the open source drivers as oposed to original ATI drivers.
I did get the graphics running nicely though by following the instructions linked to via Lummie’s blog to get the compiz fusion desktop running.
I also had to fiddle a bit to get the wireless working properly (I’ll post a short tutorial on that soon) but it’s all now running really nicely.

I’m running the 64 bit version of Ubuntu and apart from a bit of fiddling to get the 32 bit version of java installed (due to application compatibility issues) everything is running nicely and the OS is extremely easy to use.

my next plan is to try and get virtualization running via the Xen virtualisation. this will allow me to dump my windows partition and put windows into a virtual layer for the few time’s I’ll need it.

I’m still running Windows XP 64 bit as my main OS on my Home Office PC, but I plan to partition this soon so I’ll have Windows XP 32 bit and a 64 Bit version of Ubuntu on there too. if i plan it right I should have enough space to include a partition that I can use to play with other Linux Distributions.


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